Monday, 13 July 2009

The peas from the garden.

I picked a very healthy helping of peas from the garden today and made dinner...

out of all ingredients that I had anyway:
Onion (from the allotment)
Good handful of potatoes
Garlic (allotment again)
Yellow pepper - green, red or orange would work just as well
4 rashers of bacon (the leftovers from Saturday's Bacon sarnies)
1/2 cup of black pitted olives
peas (from the garden)
oil for frying

Peel a handful of potatoes and dice into cubes (about 1cm). Pre-cook these in the microwave. It's really easy - cook on full power for 2 minutes at a time until they go soft. Everytime the microwave stops stir. In our microwave it took 8 minutes.

Fry a roughly diced onion in a little oil with garlic, to taste (I used 3 v.small cloves)

Add the potatoes to the pan and season, I used paprika and a little black pepper.

Add the olives, dice the bacon and add that as well.

Turn down the heat and leave to fry slowly until all of it is cooked, stir occasionally - I used this time to shell the peas.

Once cooked add the pepper (diced) and a bowlful of peas to the pan, switch off immediately and serve.

The peas and pepper does not cook, just has enough time to warm up.

The green (fresh) peas and the pepper made for a very interesting looking dish and it tasted good too! It took me less than 20 minutes and cost next to nothing.
I have to find something to do with the broadbeans next...

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